Tilapia Tail Fin Soup
滿額免運 檢驗合格 快速配送 品質保證 安心食材
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  • 鯛魚王子-總鋪師4盒1組   $1200
    4 in one. enjoy delicious seafood in once.
  • Seasoned fish skin   $150
    Japanese style seasoned fish skin
  • 37000

  • Tilapia Leather Series-10


  • 2870

Product Info
頂湯包500克/包 鯛魚翅50克/包
將頂湯包解凍加熱後再加入魚翅即可食用, 也可加入其他食 材增加豐富口感.
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Fry tilapia chin

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