Established in 1997

The Kouhu Fisheries Cooperative Association was established in 1997, its members came from 45 breeders in the Kouhu Area. Today, the Cooperative Association has more than 200 breeders from Southern Taiwan with 2,300 hectare of aqua-culture ponds which accounts approximately ¼ of the Taiwan Tilapia breeders。

HACCP Processing facilities plan

Since 2000, lake fisheries production cooperatives and processing facilities began to implement HACCP plan, the rapid growth of Taiwan's largest frozen sea bream fillet export factories in Taiwan. Lake fishing class not only meet the needs of customers around the world, and because of the supply of high-quality sashimi grade snapper fillet and was praised Taiwan。
Taiwan bream rise

To "Taiwan snapper" started this industry lake fisheries production cooperatives, processing industry has committed to Taiwan's sea bream 10 years。

Stable development of export markets, the domestic market throughout Costco (costco), major department stores and fine restaurants!

2006 R & D scale collagen protein, the research team was successfully extracted with enzymes that break down the collagen in scale, and then used in cosmetics。

Long-term investment in research and development, successfully extracted from the scales three peptides active and as base as drinks and skin care products containing the active easily absorbed by the body of collagen。

Related Certification

  • HCAAP on International Fishery Products certified from Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection.
  • EU Certified
  • The winner of 2009 Taiwan Top Ten Classic Shennong Agriculture Awards on fish scale collagen.