Black garlic─Protect body health, boost body vitality

The black garlic health food series is made with the strictly-selected garlic bulbs which, under certain conditions, will gradually turn to black color through the natural fermentation process. It takes around 45 days for the garlic bulbs to turn mellowed.  
We add to garlic’s innate power and get rid of its pungent smell to make it taste as sweet as dried fruit, letting people free from worries of bad smell. Black garlic is rich in various kinds of nutrition such as amino acid, polyphenol, and allicin. The black garlic, considered much more nutritious than common garlic, is the best choice of natural health food. It gives you unlimited vitality and youthful passion.

A Feng's idea

A-Fen was born in Yunlin from a fish breeding family, but seeing his hometown friends working hard under the fierce sun and the ordeal of northeast strong winds during winter in Binhai to breed world’s top standard garlic ball; a garlic with full cloves rich in garlic essence and higher nutritional values. However, A-Fen realized that only cultivating garlic diligently was not enough to obtain a better income; then the fate made A-Fen get acquainte4d with the CEO of EMUKO, A Japanese Black Garlic Manufacturer. And with their advanced technical collaboration, they developed a series of special garlic products using the local garlic ball, mixing high degree fermentation and deep ripening method. He hopes to create a win-win situation for garlic agriculture’s income and consumers health benefits.