With the consistent performance put Kouhu's products capture the fresh-like characteristics of color, taste and texture of just caught fish flavor and vitality that operate under the advantage we stood out.

Black Garlic

It is made by fermenting and aging the whole bulbs of garlic for 30 days in a special process under the condition of specific temperature and humidity without using any additives and preservatives, by its own enzyme reaction, where it develops its darker color, softer texture and sweet taste.

Thai style steamed Tilapia Chin

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Japanese-style Fish Steak

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Grilled Tilapia With Rice and Egg

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Steam Tilapia Chin with Pepper

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【Sea Maiden marine collagen essence- Monarch gift

Our fish collagen is extracted from the scales of tilapia which is for the most part identical to the human collagen, the notable characteristics are free from the fatty.

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